What is V2L?:   Virtual Squared Leagues is a new breed of game that combines a living breathing “virtual world” with “virtual player leagues”, engaging and captivating players in a highly competitive and fun way!

Another way to put it is … V2L is to “Lord of the Rings” or the “Walking Dead” as Fantasy Football is to the NFL. We allow you to create virtual leagues where you draft characters from a virtual world and compete against others in a structured league. Pretty cool … we know!

Not your Jocks Fantasy League!

V2L games are made for gamers, and we are focused on creating worlds in the genres you know and love (Fantasy, Zombie Apocalypse, and many more to come!) Let the jocks have their fantasy sports! We have Dwarfs, Orcs and Zombies … OH MY!

No time for another Game?

V2L games are not very time intensive, just draft your team, check on its progress and make adjustments (easy pezzy!) – So you can totally smash your friends in a V2League at the same time you are killing them in your favorite MMO or First person shooter! Bonus Ownage!

Knowledge and Influence

Each V2L game has an immersive world…so learn about the world, understand how it operates, and use that knowledge to your advantage in your league. You can even influence the world (slip a little potion to your favorite character or make a little noise to attract some zombies…its all fair in a V2L Game!

V2L Game Lineup


In Alpha

Realm Adventure League is a Fantasy genre league that involves two factions fighting for control of mystical locations across the realm of Veldorian. Guilds that have designated Tanks, Healers and DPS roles battle against Clans that have Bosses, Mini Bosses and minions in weekly epic raids.

In Early Development

Zurvival League is a Zombie Apocalypse genre league that involves survivors trying to stay alive against the walking dead. Survivors have to continue to find food, shelter and supplies on a daily basis if they want to continue to live.
Be part of the game – Each registered player has a chance to have themselves added as one of the games characters.
SIGN UP to improve your SURVIVAL by 3%!

Who we Are

Virtual Squared Leagues is an independent development studio that is dedicated to the development of a new genre of games called “Virtual Fantasy Leagues”. Using our patented Virtual Fantasy League System (VFLS) we know that our games provide an experience that engages and captivates players in a highly competitive and fun way!

Our team of developers, artists and writers are focused on creating games our player community wants. So we encourage you to get involved let us know what works, what doesn’t or even that crazy idea you have … trust us we know crazy!